On Wednesday evening (pacific time), a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, was to happen at the University of California, Berkeley. The right-wing propaganda website, created by CEO Steve Bannon, now Donald Trump’s National Security advisor, has brought fire to the young left-wing liberal movement. The event to which Yiannopoulos was to speak was cancelled after a violent protest broke out on the campus. Protesters (mostly UC Berkeley students) threw rocks at police, broke windows, and lit firecrackers that resulted in a fire near the campus’s student union. Yiannopoulos makes several appearances at colleges throughout the United States that almost always breaks out in protest due to his outrageous and skewed view (so much so that he was able to get banned from Twitter) of the world that does not sit well with America’s millennials. After Trump’s presidency we see a veil that was once hiding racism in America, to be lifted exposing the true colors of many Americans. With racism now being widely-accepted in America, there is now a market for it; Yiannopoulos now has a $250,000 book deal from Simon & Schuster.

We can only expect more protests of this presidency and may set a new record in the United States, or even the world.