The Superbowl ended with a shocking win by the Patriots. As the champions got closer to the end of game time they were able to go overtime and steal defeat the leading Atlanta Falcons. However, this wasn’t the only controversial thing that came out of the superbowl. Superbowl commercials are anticipated throughout the year, but this year was different. With our new President Donald J. Trump, many were expecting political commercials that alluded to the president and his ridiculous policies and proposals. An American building supply company, by the name of lumber-84, did just that. The commercial showed a mother and daughter sojourning to America, to then meet the “BIG beautiful wall” promised by Trump. Discouraged and distressed, they then see a newly built door (made of lumber) in the wall that allows both of them to cross the border. The commercial cuts to a man driving down a highway with lumber and tools in the back of his truck; he had built the door. The ending message was,”The will to succeed is always welcome here”.

The full commercial, due to its very political content, was rejected by the Superbowl airing network––Fox. Online the company was able to share the full commercial; the censorship of this commercial on live television didn’t stop people from watching it in its entirety; the server of Lumber-84 actually crashed due to the unexpected outpour of viewers.