If you haven’t watched the super bowl game on February fifth, then you suck. But let me fill you in on what happened during the game. The Falcons were winning in the 2nd Quarter by 24 points. The score was Patriots- 3 to 27- Falcons.  It was crazy, and because I’m a patriot fan, I felt very depressed. But thank Lady Gaga for having a good performance during the half time. Which you can watch below;

After the half time performance, the Patriots came back with so much energy. From having 3 and the other team having 27, to 34 to 28. It’s amazing! And yes the 34 points are from the Patriots.

It was amazing just watching how determined Tom Brady and his team was in the 3rd and 4th Quarter. And that’s not even the best part, in the 4th quarter both teams had a score of 28 point. and because both teams score were tied, they had overtime, which was the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

I’m proud of Tom Brady, he was hit around 10 times throughout the whole season, and was hit more than 16 times in the Superbowl game.

But I have to give the Falcons credit, there defense was amazing and so was the offense. They barely messed up throughout the whole game, they were spotless.

But the Patriots had more plays then the Falcons, which led them to their win.