My team and I are writing a group review, where we choose a topic thats related to main theme. Today is John Legend, so here I am writing about John Legend. Whom I think is a great writer and singer. He created many great music like; All of Me in 2013 it turned into a hit and surprisingly 4 years go by and it still is a hit to this day.

John Legends album has a dark vibe. It’s soothing and filled with an emotional vibe throughout the whole entire album ‘Darkness meets Light.’ The song ‘Love Me Now’ is a more straight forward track in the album ‘Darkness Meets Light.’ Already a hit, is a seize-the-moment song with an overt sense of doom about the relationship: “I know it’ll kill me when it’s over.” Any person would fall for the song after listening to it. Even anti-valentiners will heave. The track is the first single from his upcoming album Darkness and Light.The upbeat song advocates living in the moment of a relationship.

‘Love Me Now’ feels like a breath of fresh air. You can’t help but swoon when he sings: “I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone, so I’m gonna love you now like it’s all I have. I know it will kill me when it’s over, I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now.” Legends song is so infectious and the chorus gives him room to belt over it.

His song brings wonder to my ears, and I love the fact his wife is in the music video and he is singing about her. I mean how more romantic can it get?

I would give this song a 4.7 out of 5. Listen to this song below: