John Legend – Darkness and Light Album Cover Review

I don’t know John Legend or his music. But I’m here to talk about the album cover. He has a simple cover for his Album ‘Darkness and Light’. It’s been seen a hundred times with other music artists. A black and white cover of their face with some added feature to make it different from past reincarnates. With John Legends, It just looks like a photo taken with bad lighting that was then copied on a bad black and white printer that was loosing ink. I get the concept, he want it to look old in a way that it looks like a classic album cover, such as David Bowies ‘Heroes’ or Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’ (shown below). I personally think he trying to reach a little to far.

When it comes to covers and album names they usually have a meaning for the artist or band or connection to the songs. For instance, Queens famous album “A Night At The Opera,” was named after the Marx Brothers film that the band had watched prior to recording the album. The songs in the album each exude an air of grandeur, much like music in an opera. Especially their piece ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ . It has a story and the although their cover doesn’t necessarily “connect” to the title, the cover is very personal to the band. Queen’s usual album cover was of their insignia was created by the great Freddie Mercury and each has the original members astrological signs. The Album title and cover have a meaning.

With most artists though they make a song and usually create an album centered around it. Which John Legend did. I am assuming that the album is centered around his song ‘darkness and light.’ As a whole his Cover image does ‘read’ Darkness and Light. A half darkened half lit face. That is the only real connection that I see between his album cover and title.