5:  FC Köln 15/16 season


LeCutInsideMan against FC Köln last year, it is ranked at #5 because he does not cut inside enough.

4: VFl Wolfsburg 16/17


Here LeCutInsideMan is playing against Wolfsburg, again as with any other team they cannot handle the cut inside, still not enough cut to make it past 4.

3: Hertha Berlin 16/17


Here is one more instance of LeCutInsideMan cutting inside this season, here against Hertha Berlin. A defensive error leads to a cut inside at close range.

2: Arsenal FC 16/17 Champions League


Here we see LeCutInsideMan in action just yesterday in the UEFA Champions League, he does not cut inside as much as some others, but the beauty of the goal brings this to #2.

1: Juventus FC 15/16 Champions League


Here we have #1, LeCutInsideMan against Juventus last season, this goal is simply beautiful, he cuts all the way inside to the center of the box and hits the unsuspecting Juventus squad with a rocket of a left foot shot.