1. imgres Workout-  Working out will help tone you body and help boost your metabilism.
  2. imgres-1 Eat Healthy- Eating vegetables, fruits,  and foods with healthy fats; unstaturated, will help you lose your weight faster.
  3. images-1 Water- Drink alot of water. Don’t drink any beverages with alot of sugar, carbs or fat. INFACT just drink water. The beverages you drink even diet pepsi is holding you back from losing weight.  Drink one cup of water before and after your meal. Drink atleast 5 cups of water per day.
  4. imgres-2.jpg Sleep A lot- When you don’t have the average amount of sleep that you need, which is 7-9 hours. Your metablism will slow down, causing you to gain weight faster.
  5. f17ad7a6417e8cb724675b1f050986c1Have a Schedule- Eating to much is not good, neither is eating too little.  You’re supposed to eat 6 times during a day. Breakfast, then a small snack. Lunch, a small healthy snack. And same for dinner. Don’t eat too much! And make sure to eat healthy!