Are we really still talking about the Hillary Clinton loss? Yes. But why is this important? 2020.

Clinton’s voter enthusiasm was horrific. She did not have a message or populist policies like her running mate in the primaries, Bernie Sanders.

Democrats and Republicans are “cut from the same cloth.”-Ron Paul (American author, physician, and former politician. the former U.S. Representative for Texas’ 14th and 22nd congressional districts.)
Through this election we were able to gain more transparency of our failing political system.
We know many republicans to be ignorant to facts; this was Hillary during the race.

A progressive nightclub comedian by the name of, Jimmy Dore, uploads digestible/no B.S. political commentaries on YouTube.

Thomas Frank is an American political analyst, historian, journalist, and columnist for Harper’s Magazine. His work consists of lifting the veil covering the corruption of both parties.

The arrogant democrats were able to get defeated by Trump who would have been beat thousand-fold by Bernie Sanders. The miscalculations and disconnect from America’s grassroots gave people reason to vote for a candidate who was a complete idiot.

A Climate denying Republican politician Jason Chaffetz is confronted by a 10-year-old girl about his beliefs in science and gets owned.

“That’s how easy republicans can be taken down, a 10-year old girl can do it.”