Most story and novel-length works of science fiction include speculation on modes of life and behaviour. In today’s political climate writers have been in attempt to model possible future societies, institutions and systems.

War on Terror and News

“Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

George Orwell’s 1984, parallels with our current War on Terror. This Dystopian novel, had exposed the idea of terror being the enemy. But there now seems to be life imitating art in the fact of news and the fact of the war on terror. We once saw sci-fi novels predicting the future and some are, but there are more and more books based on true events within our government. 1984 is a great example of what is happening. News and media has been reduced to 6 multi-national corporations thanks to the Clinton Administration. The Fact of the matter, is that this is now affecting our news.

“In raw numbers, 80 percent of the top 20 online news sites are owned by the 100 largest media companies. Time Warner owns two of the most visited sites: and AOL News, while Gannett, which is the twelfth largest media company, owns along with many local online newspapers.” (Democracy on Deadline, Independent Lens PBS)

Consumerism is another major issue that is distracting Americans from the real problems not represented in the major news organizations.

There is manufactured consent in our news. Our news is dictated and molded by the advertisers who pay media organizations to keep there business going and pay their journalists $30,000 everyday. Major oil companies destroy the form of democracy America is yearning for. The 6 major news organizations dictating what we see through advertisers including big oil, have wrecked what Americans need. The big news organizations own over 90% of the industry’s news. We demonize immigrants, and many other groups.

“But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says. While some big sites, like Digg and Reddit aren’t owned by any of the corporations, Time Warner owns news sites read by millions of Americans every year.” (Business Insider) Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.25.26 AM.png

“Originally, the Internet was the champion of free thinkers, embraced as a liberating force from corporate owned media. But over time even online news sites joined radio, television, newspapers and magazines as properties of the small handful of media conglomerates.” (Democracy on Deadline, Independent Lens PBS)

A video I had seen yesterday was aout manufactured consent narrated by Amy Goodman, broadcasted by Al Jazeera. The video seems to be deleted now. But click this link to see Jon Stewart destroy the media: 

Updated: found it! 

Another great source about media organizations for their part in elections: