Alien Isolation is a sequel of sorts to the amazing Alien movie franchise. The game follows the daughter of Ellen Ripley the main character of the movies. Amanda Ripley, who explores the space station the Sevastopol (Interesting fact there was a Sebastopol near where I lived) which had been reported to have the flight recorder of the Nostromo, Amanda’s mothers ship. But when they arrive they find that the station is filled with massacred workers. Amanda soon learns that their is a creature on board that is killing everyone. The creature turns out to be a Xenomorph the alien that her mother had to fight against in the first films of the franchise.But the tough to kill alien’s aren’t the only threat on board. As any survival game or plot goes, there are also humans on board, ready to kill for their own survival, as well as “helper” robots that turn deadly and have an alarming amount of strength when they grab onto you. It also doesn’t help to have random face-huggers crawling in places that you can’t seeAlthough I haven’t played it personally, and wouldn’t because I am too afraid to play horror games, I have watched a few playthroughs on YouTube. From what I saw, it was a very well made and well developed game. It had good action scenes, the story felt natural and like it belonged in the alien franchise, and it had characters that you slowly get attached to. And Like Alien Movies, those characters are quickly taken away once you get used to them. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone in love with the Alien movies and anyone who wants to play a suspenseful horror game that requires you to crouch half the time and throw objects to distract the Xenomorph like a cat. Getting onto the technical aspects first I will make not of the length of this game. It is a very long game, 15 hours to be exact, and there is no way to speed-run it. Sure you can finish this game in a day. But not on the first try. No beginner will be able to beat this game on the first try unless they are insanely good. The graphics are also a thing to discuss. The picture above is not even part of a cutscene or anything, The whole game is a beautifully construct piece of art. Especially once you get out into space. Again I didn’t play it, I watched someone else play it, so I couldn’t experience it fully, but the game still was a train ride of emotions, whether terror, fear, sadness, or guilt. Alien Isolation will definitely be the first horror game I pick up once I overcome my fears of the Xenomorphs.