Our group and I have to do a common topic review this week, and what we chose was Sci Fi. So I decided to write about Star Trek, which to me is one of the best Sci-Fi movies I have watched in such a long time. The first Star Trek movie, came out year 2009. This movie started off with the main character’s dad sacrificing his life to save the others on the ship. Which caused you to end up starting to despise the alien enemies. Makes you want to beat them up, and it didn’t help the fact that Chris Hemsworth was the dad. That was the first main scene in the Star Trek movie, which would make you understand the way that Chris Pines character James T.Kirk acted.  The movie is actually pretty funny the more I think about it, many of the characters were strange but in a funny way. For example Scotty one of the main characters, curses like a sailer, he never stops, but makes everything more funny. Another character whom I love is; Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy. He is hilarious with his cranky attitude and has the tendency to do a doctor check up at the wrong times.

This movie is intense and will always be intriguing to me, always a page turner. You will always be on the edge of your seat while watching the Star Trek series.  I think the best part of this series is that it never begins out slow in the movies. It always starts off with action. Usually almost every Sci-Fi movie I have ever watched was very slow in the beginning, like can you please get to the point. PLEASE. This movie might start off fast, but trust me you won’t regret watching the the series.

People say that Star Trek isn’t as good as star wars, and I might agree with them, but the Star Trek series is up there in my list as one of the best movie series I have ever watched.

I would give the Star Trek Series a 4 out of 5 Stars.

Watched the trailers below;

Star Trek; movie 1

Star Trek Into Darkness; movie 2

Star Trek Beyond; movie 3