I am a pretty girl and I’m confident, but as soon as I’m around my crush I become shy. And the worst part is that I act like I don’t like them. I ignore them and try to be as discreet as possible, when I’m checking them out.  I get scared that I might get rejected so I try to hide my feelings. So this is what I do when I’m into a guy;


10. Really happy and full of energy when around you

I am usually very energetic and happy, but when i’m around my crush I’m completely outgoing and am making everyone around me laugh like crazy.


9. She’s smiling then you catch her smiling and she slowly stops smiling

I’m not kidding, I’m awfully shy and I make the attractive guys think I don’t like them. I mean I think rarely anyone does that, but this is what I do.

I mean either the girl hates you or she is shy and likes you. It can go both ways.

8. She is always around you

If I was into a guy, I would like to be around him as much as possible. I usually just want to go home and sleep. But if I was into you, I would have excuses to be around you. For example I left something in the room your in (Or) I have to talk to the teacher about some sort of school work. ANYTHING. I want to be around you. If she’s not around you at all, then she either is too busy or doesn’t like you.


7. She likes to sound as smart as possible

I’m an honor student and I have the tendency to say stupid stuff just as a joke. But when I’m around my crush I like to show them how smart I am. I was taught that if a guy is intimidated by my knowledge than they aren’t worth my time -my Mom.

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6. Hides her neck or face

I am very insecure about the hair below my ears or anywhere on my body. If i’m into you I would try my hardest to hide the masculine things on my body like; body hair. I like to look the best around the people I like.  If she always looks like trash when she’s around you, she’s either not into you or doesn’t have a lot of money. So don’t judge.

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5. She touches her hair a lot

When I mean she touches her hair, I don’t mean she plays with it. I mean more like she tries to keep it tamed, by putting her hair behind her ears or tries to keep it looking nice. I do that a lot, but I try hard not for my crush to see me grooming myself, because I don’t want them to now I like them.

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4. You catch her staring at you a lot

I wouldn’t stare at a guy from across the room if I didn’t find them attractive.  Unless they were horrifically loud or that person was talking to me, then I wouldn’t be staring at them. I have the tendency to try to be very discreet when I am looking at my crush, but usually it’s hard to be discreet all the time, so I get caught.

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3. She didn’t really talk to your friends before, and all of a sudden she’s friends with them

If I was into a guy and he was friends with a group of kids I barely ever talk to. I would usually end up becoming friends with them, like that I can get closer to my crush.

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2. She blushes a lot when you’re around her

I’m always blushing and it’s really annoying. But when I’m around my crush and he is talking to me I start to blush like crazy. But I’m always blushing so it’s not anything new. If a girl blushes a lot around you and she doesn’t blush around a lot of people. Then she likes you. But if she is always blushing around everyone, then she most likely isn’t into you and she just has a blushing problem. Like me.

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1. She doesn’t talk about you

When I have a crush on a guy, I don’t like to tell anything to my friends not even to my best friend, because they have big mouths. It’s annoying. So if some guy or girl walks up to me and asks me how I feel about the guy (crush). I’m just like “well I don’t know him, so how can I have a crush on him” or I’d say he’s annoying or I don’t know. And then I roll my eyes.  I only say that because I know there’s a lot of guys in my school that think I’m attractive and the girls are always glaring at me. So why would I trust anyone. The only person that I would admit the truth and tell who I like to is my mom.

But this can go both ways, either the girl can really find you annoying or she is trying to keep her secrets, because she is secretive and she’s very private. And usually you would think the girl that is awfully blunt and says whatever she wants, wouldn’t be afraid to tell everyone her secrets. Well.You.Are.Wrong.

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