In this aritcle published by BBC and titled as Why does everyone keep making Nazi comparisons? Is highlighting the widespread refrence of Naziism. The author had answered the question simply from an answer given by America’s Anti-Defamation League (ADL), it is the “most available historical event illustrating right versus wrong.” Reductio ad Hitlerum was created as a spin off of reductio ad absurdum which is a logical fallacy.

The article was able to mention a lot of reasons as to why there is now more than ever a constant flow of nazi comparisons. President Trump gave a new face and name to Naziism, along with similar figures around the world, including: Marie Le Pen (France), Geert Wilders (Netherlands). There is an image in the article that gives a very straightfoward connection to these political figures through the color of their hair:_95143507_gettyimages-645884618.jpg

As we know, Hitler’s ideal world was populated by only one human race that were not jewish, had only blonde hair, blue eyes, and was heterosexual (among other things including other groups of minorities).

I think the author did an excellent job in the use of references and sources. The author claimed that calling someone the term “Nazi” was more harmful to an argument of calling someone bad. As many people would love to just call Trump a nazi, it’s a cheap way to call out the bad. There are more effective and constructive ways of doing so. This can connect to the time in America when people called each other communists or Russian spies because they did not like them, “‘Wielding accusations of fascism as an insult doesn’t help to get your audience on side…'” says Amanda Moorghen, the group’s senior research and resources officer.

A counterclaim found in the article brings up the fact that is effective in defaming. In the case of Donald Trump, people are desparate to get him our of office and face him with slander. CNN reports sensationalist news as to what their jobs.