This article talks about the signs a guy likes you. The author Rebecca Mercy wrote this because of the confusion and mixed signals a guy makes a girl feel. Usually girls feel so confused after talking to their crush and they usually have know clue what to do. So she wrote this article to help the girls out in trying to find out if a guy likes them or not.

After reading the article, it has helped me understand guys a little more.  Here are the 12 signs the author talked about on how to find out if a guy like you:

Body language- he needs to be open and his body has to point towards you,

Eye contact,

He would talk bout himself a lot,

Body contact,

Treats you differently,

He acts interested in things that you are interested in,

He looks nervous around you,

His friends pick on him when you are around,

Copies your actions, gently teases you,

Playfully punches your arm,

Notices you’re change of look.

All these signs sound pretty reliable if you are talking to a guy and want to see if he is into you or not.  I have many guy friends and I was talking to them about this article and most said that they do these things.

While a few thought this was total bull and don’t usually do these kinds of actions and believe that this article is not reliable,but usually it’s rare that the guys thought like this about the article. Actually many guys believe this source is really reliable and they do many of these actions when they like a girl.


Here is the article link, if you would like to read it;