The Sh*t is a website run by Darrion Bansee, Lindsay Murrillo, and Mason Ramirez. I chose to review this website as I enjoyed the brief presentations of their articles.

When going through the website I found a great variety of topics. Many of the articles were very funny and exciting to read.

Darrion Bansee has a great selection of topics including: Movie and television reviews and Cooking reviews. My favorite has to be “I’m Making Boxed Cake Next Time” as it was the funniest piece known to me to be written by Darrion.

Lindsay focuses on reviewing fashion and television. I loved that she was also like Darrion able to pull in some comedy within her writing. My favorite piece written by Lindsay, was her Jane the Virgin review. The show that I watch so frequently was able to be brought to life through the words of Lindsay.

Mason focuses on writing about music and rap. When reading his articles, I was excited to learn about new musical artists and be able to hear enlightened critiques on music. My favorite would have to be his review on Malibu by Anderson Park. After reading the review I went to youtube to listen and loved it!Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.18.11 AM.png

Overall, I really liked the graphic design of the website. But wish there had been more written credits to the articles on the site. I would definitely recommend this website to others as it could be a great example of how to start an opinion blog.