This week my group and I were assigned to write a review of another persons blog in our class.  I chose the ‘Cool Kids Blog’ because one; the title is intriguing. Two; because this blog talks about a variety of categories such like; politics, clothes, movies and more.

I like the fact that in every blog post on the site ‘Cool Kids Blog’, they all have pictures and links to anything that they were writing about.  It’s more friendly and doesn’t give off a serious vibe. Also the posts were straight forward and to the point, not slow and takes a long time to read.

I recommend this site to others, because this site will not bore you and make you feel like you just wasted time clicking onto to a site, just to find out that it is sluggish. This blog has a variety of subjects to read about. Talks about everything from sneakers, movies, sports to politics.

When you go onto to the site it feels a little bit gloomy because of the background. What the people who are doing the blog should fix is the background and the home page.

Other than that the blog is wonderful.  Check out the Blog below: