A music video of Eddie Murphy and Michael jackson singing together?! In the video Jackson and Murphy are in a psychedelic setting of clouds, music notes flying around, rainbows, peace signs, flowers growing from the palm of Murphy, and love hearts fluttering with wings. To the nearing end of the video a choir of young boys sing and walk around in a circle around Murphy and Jackson The main message of the song whatzupwitu was pointing out man’s power stepping out of bounds on the earth and asking, “what are you doing?!”.

The song is from Murphy’s album titled: Love’s Alright —released on February 23, 1993 by Motown Records, and was produced by Murphy. It is said by Murphy that Jackson agreed to join the comedian on the track as it had a positive message. I think Michael Jackson can always carry any song well. His voice was off the charts in this music video as in others. On the side of Murphy, I was stunned as he had a great voice. I had no idea about his extensive music career and really thought this music video was a joke within itself; the music video was playful and silly.

This is definitely a must-see and hear as it takes two icons and is all together entertaining. I wish there was more Eddie Murphy songs featuring Michael Jackson, but feel that this song was able to do justice. Everyone would really enjoy this music video as it is just fun.