Pretty girl is one of my favorite songs, because the artist Maggie Lindemann sings about how people think pretty girls have a great life and they are barbies. But she sings about how she is not just a pretty girl and how she says what ever is on her mind and does whatever she wants when ever she wants. She sings about how people think pretty girls are stupid or try to be anorexic just to stay fit, but Maggie sings about how they are wrong and that pretty girls can be smart and beautiful. They can have a hard life and be depressed but they stay strong. I love this song because I emphasize with this song. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like this song was made just for me. Many people think I have a great life and have everything I need because I am pretty. But that’s not true, Ive had depression and my life is not as easy as it looks, trust me. And ‘Pretty Girl’ makes me feel like someone understands me or at least has went through the same things I’ve went through.

I would give this song a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Checkout the music video below: