Know, I know many shopping sites are expensive or the clothes are a good cost then BOOM the delivery price is like a heart attack on a plate. You wonder why it’s so expensive, when you can just buy it on another site or in fact in store. Well here you go my little shoppers, here are my favorite sites to shop on:


Now listen here, this website is good and the clothes are a good price. It’s not like wish were everything is 2 dollars but is bad quality. This shopping site and app, is wonderful. It has everything you need and everything is always on sale.


Etsy is an amazing online shopping site. This site has good prices on everything, and has great descriptions of the stuff you would like to buy. Great quality pics and the material you buy is worth the cost. Trust Me.


Ebay is a very good shopping site. It has almost everything. The cost of the things you want on the site, is great. Also most of the things you buy, you don’t have to pay extra for delivery.


These are the 3 best online shopping sites I use. Go check them out.