The Back Story:

The story starts in the 2008/09 season, Leicester City are in the Football League 1, the third level on the English Pyramid. This was Leicester’s first season outside of the top two league in England, after firing their manager they appointed a new one, his name was Nigel Peterson and he brought them to the play-offs of the championship, Leicester lost on penalties to Hull City and failed to reach the Premier League. Nigel Peterson then left the club to manage Hull City in their Premier League season. Throughout a poor 10/11 season Leicester City went through two managers and the club changed ownership, a poor start to the 11/12 season prompted the return of Nigel Peterson to the club. By the time the 12/13 season came along Nigel Peterson had brought Leicester to a strong 6th place finish, just enough to reach the championship playoffs, but in their game with Watford FC Leicester missed a late penalty and the following counter attack lost them the game. 13/14 season and Leicester finally gain promotion to the Premier League, for the 6th time they won the Football League Championship League. In the 14/15 Premier League season, after a 10 year absence Leicester start by tying Everton FC 2-2  on opening day. Fast forward to Christmas Day and Leicester are bottom of the table, by April 3rd 2015 Leicester had a terrible 19 points from 29 games. Leicester City were 7 points away from the closest safe spot with 9 matches remaining, everyone assumed Leicester were going to be relegated and their 7 year rise would be over, they made an amazing comeback winning 7 of their next 9 matches and finished the 14/15 Premier League season in 14th.

The 2015-2016 Premier League Season:

Everyone was stunned that Leicester had managed to stay in the Premier League, but despite their amazing comeback Nigel Peterson was sacked as manager between the 14/15 and 15/16 seasons due to controversy surrounding his sons involvement in a racist sex tape. In his place was put former Chelsea manager to take the reigns at the club, most fans were sceptic of him at first (his last match managing had been for Greece where they lost to Faroe Islands, a team who had never won a match) but their skepticism soon vanished as they were 6 matches undefeated in the league until they lost 5-2 to Arsenal on match day 7. Leicester then went on a 10 match undefeated streak and by match day 17 they were top of the Premier League table. Christmas Day 1 year after they had been bottom they were leading the Premier League. On Saturday April 30th, 2016 Leicester needed to beat Manchester United to win the Premier League, but they tied 1-1 and the league winner was to be decided by a game between Chelsea and Tottenham. The Chelsea Tottenham game is single handedly the most intense and nervy game I have ever watched. The game took place on Monday May 3rd, 2016, if the game ended in a Chelsea victory or a tie Leicester would be champions, and it wasn’t looking great Tottenham were up 2-0 at the half, but a 58th minute goal from Chelsea made it 2-1, the game was very tense from then on, Tottenham desperately trying to keep their title chances. The 83rd minute the most amazing thing i’ve ever witnessed happened. Eden Hazard scored a stunning goal to make Leicester the champions of England. A few weeks later Leicester were officially crowned champions of England, being able to watch that unfold before my eyes was amazing, i’m not even a Leicester fan and I was excited when they won.