Located right across the street from Columbia University, on 116th st and broadway, this Women’s private liberal arts college has everything a college student would want: located in a metropolis, has lots of transportation options, has many restaurants and cheap eateries, allows students to take Ivy League classes (at Columbia university), and gives you a great education.

When thinking of attending a Women’s college, or for me at least, I would forsee it being a complete nightmare. Having catty fights between your peers and whatever else 18-23 year olds do. After visiting Barnard, I felt that it didn’t matter whether it was a women’s college or co-ed. I realized that if I wanted to go to a great college with all the benefits of Barnard (that no other college can offer), I was intrigued. I was mainly intrigued by how engaged all of the college students seemed to be after speaking to them. How they were all friendly and sharp. And overwhelmingly, how they embodied what Barnard stands for (I would know this after reading the mission statement).

This institution is like no other. From the amazing atmosphere to the amazing opportunities, a student who 1) has the grades, 2) has the SAT/ACT score, 3) is interested in going to a liberal arts college, and 4) is a woman, MUST apply to this school.

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