Everyone loves Seinfeld. I, however, don’t find the humor of it. The writer behind the show––Larry David––has his own show Curb Your Enthusiasm. My first time seeing the show was when I was seven watching the show with my Dad because it happened to be on. That was when I became infatuated with the show. After watching all of the episodes until the “last” season (8) I stopped watching. But, as of last month, after hearing rumors about a season 9, I was VERY excited to say the least.

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What makes Curb You Enthusiasm such a good show? I would definitely say the beatifully outlined stories of the show. The show is goofy and funny because it feels like its improv or something sponaneous. Larry David has a clear understanding of how to make an audience laugh through shock value. Another important thing is that he is tasteful (most of the time) with his selection of jokes. May it be Hitler jokes, he is able to make a devout jew laugh––I don’t know if this could be carried by another that is not jewish; is there a double standard for jewish people making anti-semite jokes?

Anyway, as season 9 comes up, I would recommend watching the other 8 seasons before watching the 9th.