1.) Spinning Class- It’s an indoor cycling exercise class. You would be using Cardiovascular, butt-kicking workouts to help you sweat, like there’s no tomorrow.  In the class, averagely you would lose over 300 calories.

2.) Kickboxing-  Using not only your arms but your legs too. It’s a full body workout. Helps tone your muscles and has you sweating incredibly, by the end of the class. Kickboxing is known around the world as one of the best cardio classes to take, to help you lose weight.

3.) Absolute Abs Class- Absolute Abs cardio class, is intense. The class is usually short, like around 30 minutes. But let me tell you, you are going to sweat like crazy. This Cardio class helps tone your stomach and helps you get abs fast.

4.) Yoga- Yoga is not a cardio class, but it’s definitely a class you should take once and a while. It will help your strength, balance and your breathing. The class is a stretching and meditation (more like sleeping) class. It will definitely help strengthening your bones.

5.) Total Body Cardio Class- This is a great workout class for you body. This class, workouts your whole entire body. Using weights, Steppers and more. You will not only be working out your arms, but your legs, abs, calves and etc. This is a great class you should try. Trust me.

It doesn’t matter what you do in the class, as long you sweat. When you sweat that’s when you know it’s intense. If you are taking a class that doesn’t make you sweat that much, then you better stop taking that class and try another cardio class.