So as many people know the French presidential election happened this past Sunday, and Emmanuel Macron won with 66.1% or 20.8 million votes, Marie Le Pen had 33.9% or 10.6 million votes. But Le Pen didn’t come in second, she managed to come third in a two horse race, 12.1 million people abstained from voting in the election, Sunday’s results are a huge victory for progressive politicians, had Macron lost then France would’ve gone through the process of leaving the EU and potentially collapsing the alliance.

This election was seriously important and terrifying, Marie Le Pen has a history of racist, homophobic, anti semitic ideals. She get all these ideas from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen who founded the French far-right party National Front. Le Pen has been accused of xenophobia and anti-semitism in France and around the world.

In conclusion the Le Pen family is horrible, they are all intolerant racists who want nothing to do with progression, I am very happy that they lost the election.