Alec Baldwin is now the famous Donald Trump Impersonator, but on Comedy Central Anthony Atamanuik is breaking waves with his, in my opinion, better impersonation.

The first episode aired April 27, 2017. Atamanuik depicts Trump as a toddler-like-adult and booms in satire. The show is broken up into three segments, 1) Press Conference, 2) executive order signing, and 3) Guest interviews. Mike Pence is also on the show! (played by Peter Grosz).

We all have heard of Trump hanging Andrew Jackson’s painting in the Oval office. In the latest episode (s1 ep.2 ) Old Hickory comes alive and steps out of the painting to talk to Trump. Here is the clip:–one-of-the-greats-


Created and produced by Atamanuik, he wanted to create a show that would capture the humor of Donald Trump. This show is essentially a parody. I think that the show is great. Atamanuik nailed the impersonation, as he looks like Trump, talks like Trump, and has the same mannerisms. This work is definitely a must-see if you are looking for a hard laugh. Although the show is kind of sh***y in its production, it is very funny. There are many reasons to watch the show, as it is just something to watch, it has great interviews, and you won’t miss Alec Baldwin’s impersonation.

I learned from this show that in order to deal with painful events, such as Trump being president, you have to find the humor and just laugh. You should watch the show just to see how you like it, but it can be promised that you are going to get hooked, no matter how corny you think it is.