In no particular order. These are just dogs that over the years have become my favorites.

Tamaskan Husky

  • When I went to a Staples one night with my mom and uncle. We ran into a woman with an enormous dog by her side. The dog looked like a wolf, and had an amazing pelt. I instantly fell in love with the look of this dog.


Irish Wolfhound

  • I don’t know why I just find these dogs oddly charming. Something about their wiry coats and their Irish heritage speaks to me.



  • I love these dogs so much. They are way to demonized. Sure they look scary when they are barking at you, but if you own one, no dog will give you more love.


Shiba Inu

  • Such tiny dogs. I didn’t realize how tiny until I saw one in real life, and their size matches their fluff. Such fluffy dogs.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Who couldn’t love these furry fat sausages. Enough fluff to last centuries.



  • Long boy. The longest boy.


Bedlington Terrier

  • The sheep of the dog world.


Old English Sheepdog

  • I have always loved these dogs as a kid. I feel like you can get lost in their fluff and hideout for years.

Border Collie

  • My other dog is half Border Collie. So of course I would put them in here. I also loved watching the Sheepdog trials at the county fair every year in California.


German Shepherd

  • I mean who doesn’t want a one of these dogs. My mom had three when she was younger, and all she had to day about them was good things. Except for Candy, the crazy one.