This weekend I went with my family to watch, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. To put it simply, I loved it! The first movie was a masterpiece all of it’ s own, so I expected nothing less than the second installment to be just as brilliant. Essentially the plot consists of the Guardians landing themselves in hot water with a whole empire, the Sovereign, while Peter’s former brothers in arms, the Ravagers are aiming to hunt him down. All the while, Peter’s father comes out of no where to rescue him and wants to introduce himself. His father’s name is Ego. Stupidity and a awesome soundtrack ensues in a great film that rivals the first.

The movie once again stars Chris Pratt as the ever popular Star Lord or more humbly known as Peter Quill. We also have Zoe Saldana returning as Gamora, David Bautista returning as Drax, Bradley Cooper as Rocket the Raccoon, Vin Diesel as Groot and many others.

The movie was produced by Kevin Feige

 If you want a good laugh watch this movie.

I honestly loved it. I enjoyed both of these movies more than any other marvel film. One of the main reasons is, two words, Baby Groot. I loved seeing the father mother parent complex develop with every character and this tiny little plant gremlin. Honestly it was just a very good movie and it was hard to find any faults in the film.

Although the only thing to note is the fact that the films universe wasn’t completely accurate to the comics. The completely changed who Peter’s father is in the movie. They did however introduce the beginnings of an upcoming villain. Adam Warlock. If that means anything.