1.) She brightens up when your around

She always seem happy around you, she barely is ever glum when your around.Image result for gifs of a girl happy

2.)  She offers to get you something

Naturally no one, would even offer to buy someone something unless they liked you or you guys were close.

Image result for gifs of girls shopping

3.) She gets Jealous when you talk to other girls

She would walk away from you and the girls.

She would space out and not really talk much.

She would try extremely hard to act like she is not jealous, so she would laugh everything off.

She would pick on you.

When the girls leave and you and your friend split off from them, she would most likely make fun of them and mimic what they were doing.

Image result for gifs of girls being jealous

4.) She gives you more attention, than towards the rest of her friends

If you guys are hanging out, in a big group and she gives you a little more attention, then she most likely finds you attractive.

But sometimes girls don’t want people to know that they like someone, so they would try to not give you much attention.

So they would either give you little attention or a lot of attention.

Image result for gifs of girls giving guys attention

5.) She talks a lot or a little

If she is a social person, and when your around, she likes to dominate and talk a lot to get your attention. She. Likes. You.

Or when your around she barely talks, but laughs at the things you say. She is definitely  nervous when your around.

Image result for gifs of girls talking alot

6.) She barely ever talks about guys when your around

If a girl liked a guy, and she is hanging with him. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t just start talking about other guys around him. For example “Ooh that guy is hot.” If I’m around a guy I liked I would make sure not to bring other guys up. It’s just respect and common sense.

Image result for gifs of girls being quite

7.) She touches you a lot 

A girl wouldn’t touch you, for example playing with your hair, or ‘accidentally brush fingers with yours’, if she didn’t like you.

If don’t like a guy, then I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want him touching me, so I wouldn’t touch him.

Image result for gifs of girls touching you alot

8.) You catch her staring at you

The only time a girl would stare at you is if your talking or causing a ruckus.  But if you catch this friend of yours, checking you out, or is staring at your lips. Then I’m pretty sure, she isn’t just looking at your lips in a friend kind of way.

Image result for gifs of girls getting caught

9.) She has no personal space, when it comes to you

She doesn’t push you away, when you are close to her. In fact she would most likely move closer towards you.

Image result for gifs of girls up in your personal space

10.) She is always around

You always see her around, obviously that’s not a coincidence.

Image result for gifs of girls following you