A Low Rank Hunter fighting the High Rank Astalos

For my birthday present my friend gave me the somewhat new game Monster Hunter: Generations. It came out in late 2015. I have already played one title in the series, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Which I fiercely enjoyed playing, as I have over a hundred hours of gameplay on it. Which compared to others gamers isn’t that much, but it’s the game I’ve spent the most time playing. So I was expecting to enjoy this game more as it had a lot more monsters to hunt as well as a whole new group of maps to explore. The games themselves revolve around a similar plot. You, the silent protagonist venture to a small village and accept different quests from gathering Unique Mushrooms to hunting 10 Velociprey, one of the low level monsters that attack you. There are different tiers to the quests. For instance Rank 1 will give you 6 ascending star quests. The higher the star and the rank you go the harder monsters you will face.

The game was created by Capcom and produced by Nintendo. Like all the other games in this series was.

I haven’t really gotten too far in the game, but in the short time I have played it, I am already immensely enjoying it. From the new fighting mechanics, such as the ability to mount the monster and topple them, to the new weapons such as the Incest Glaive and Charge Blade, all that make the experience even more exciting than before.

A Hunter in Yukumo Armor fighting a Mizutsune

To me one of the best aspects of the games and it’s series is the fact that you can get lost in this game yet never be able to spend too much time on it. With so many different ranked quests and the need to kill multiple monsters to get you high tiered armor and weapons, you can spend days on collecting materials for one sword. It’s a great game to play if you are on a long road trip and need something to do while sitting in the car, and I would recommend these games to almost any age group.

In my opinion these games need a lot more love than they get. They have incredible designs of the monsters, except the Nibelsnarf,  locations and most of the armor is beautiful. If you are an aspiring artist, this is a perfect game to, literally, draw inspiration from. This one one of the games that inspired me to pursue the career of a Conceptual Artist due to the concept all the concept pages, like my overall favorite monster, Mizutsune, pictured Below. A beautiful soapy fox monster.

Mizutsune Concept Art

But getting on to the important facts. In Monster Hunter: 3 Ultimate they gave you companions after you completed a certain amount of missions, but right off the bat, Generations presents you the opportunity to enlist the help of the lovable cat species in the game. The Palico’s. One of the best parts being the ability to give them different cute armor and weapons, matching your own, and if you get bored at playing at a human, you can play as one of the palico’s  you enlisted. Running around the maps on your little soft paws.

Palico’s fighting the mighty Glavenus