Clayton Edward Kershaw-  He is the starting pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He won the NL MVP (2014), NL Cy Young Award, Gold Glove Award, Triple Crown, Roberto Clemente Award and more. Kershaw was drafted 7th overall in 2016 in the MLB draft. The baseball player worked his way through the Dodgers’ farm system and made it to the majors in just one full season (20 years old).

Michael Nelson Trout-  He is an outfielder in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Michael Nelson won the MLB all star 5 years in a row, he has won the Silver Slugger Award, and even like the AL Rookie of the year. Trout has led the American League in above replacement. He is known as one of the best baseball players in history.

Kris Bryant-  He is the 3rd baseman/outfield in the Chicago Clubs. Bryant had the most home runs hit by a college player since the NCAA switched to BBCOR. Kris won the All star 2 years in a row (2015, 2016). He is the world series champion (2016). He won the NL Hank Aaron Award, Golden Spikes award, Dick Howser Trophy and more.  He is a great baseball player, and surprisingly pretty good looking.

Manny Machado- He is the Third baseman/ Shortstop of the Baltimore Orioles.  Machado Has won the All Star Award 3 times ( 2013, 2015, 2016), he won the Gold Glove Award twice (2013, 2015), Platinum Glove Award and more. His defensive prowess has earned him the constant comparison of the great Orioles third baseman and hall of Fame ‘Brooks Roninson.’

Mookie Betts-  He is the Right Fielder of the Boston Red Sox. Mookie Betts has won the All star Award (2016), Silver Slugger Award (2016), Gold Glove award (2016) and more.  Mookie Betts is an amazing baseball player who has worked hard to achieve great things.