download-1.jpgOn Friday, an attack occurred in Minya, a province 160 miles south of Cairo along the Nile River. This province is populated by the largest percentage of Christians in Egypt. Gunmen attacked a bus that was taking Egyptian Christians to a monastery Friday, killing 24 people and wounding 27 more, according to local officials and the spokesman for Egypt’s health ministry. It has been seen that religious tension in some communities in Minya has increased in recent years. This attack would be he second hit to the Christian community in Egypt as last month, in Northern Egypt suicide bombings occurred and killed at least 44 people.

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I think is devastating to the christian community in Egypt as well as around the world. These terrorist attacks on religion is completely immoral and quite honestly disgusting. This will definitely cause more fear for people of practice and the motive is clear, the gunmen wanted to oppress the Christians of Minya. I think this news is important because it goes to show that religious prosecution is still well and alive all over the world. I believe along with a war of resources and power, there will be another war of religion like the Crusades. It hasn’t been confirmed that the gunmen were affiliated with the terrorist group ISIS, but it wouldn’t be surprising. The hate that is present in the world I feel is caused by many factors, but in this instance it is clear that one of the obvious causes is mental illness. 

It will be important in the coming years that our generation finds ways to deal with war through analyzing the mental state of leaders and rebellious peoples, and finding solutions to stop chaos.