In this 1985 coming-of-age comedy-drama film, the topics of: peer pressure, pretending, bullying, love, harm, use of power/position, reputation, fear, confidence, and suicide, come up. The movie first starts out with parents driving their teens to “Sherman High School, in Sherman Illinois” on Saturday “March, 24th 1984” for detention. Once in the library (where they have to serve their detention), the five high school students give weary glances as they don’t really know one another, or are friends at least. The main idea of the story is that these five teens learn and get to know about each other finding that they are more similar than they thought. The main characters include:

download-1.jpgMolly Ringwald as Claire Standish

Ringwald plays Standish as a hoyty-toyty teen. She is popular in school and feels superior above everyone else. In the movie, she is later sympathetic to her peers and actually views them as friends afterwards. Ringwald’s performance was well done.

download.jpgJudd Nelson as John Bender

Nelson plays Bender as a troublemaker teen that is really, let’s just kindly say, all over the place. His performance was great as he was really able to capture the life of a troubled teen. You felt that in the movie he was actually that character, embodied Bender very well.



Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynolds

Oh! Who could forget the dandruff scruffer?! We get to see a teen who is silent most of the time and gets strange looks and stare downs for it. Sheedy was really able to become a character that made you cringe. Well-done!



Emilio Estevez as Andrew “Andy” Clark



download-4.jpgAnthony Michael Hall as Brian Ralph Johnson



Paul Gleason as Assistant Principal Vernondownload-5.jpg



John Hughes was the writer and director of this film. Hughes is known for his teen and very 80s-time movies. He has done Sixteen Candles (1984), Ferris Bueller’s Day off (1986), Pretty in Pink (1986), Curly Sue (1991), and more. He has produced and written many screenplays in addition to directing. In making The Breakfast Club, Hughes wanted to show how although you may be in different status quos in high school, you are not all incredibly different.

Favorite scenes:

  1. When the 5 teens run around the school trying to dodge the assistant principal. I found this scene really funny.
  2. I didn’t like the scene where the principal had Bender in the closet. I just found it really weird.
  3. The ending was the best part. I liked the music score and how in the end everyone came to the realization that they all were similar in one way or another.

Having watched this movie about a million times, I can safely say that I love it. The movie deals with abuse, neglect and overbearing parents which defined the individuals to act out rebelliously, but thats the downside. what they discover in detention is that they are all living the same life under different circumstances, which makes them reevaluate what is ‘normal’. 5 out of 5 stars.