The film itself takes place in one location. The main characters high school, mainly their library where they spend 8 hours I think it was in Saturday detention. As the famous sign out says, their group of five consists of very different individuals that wouldn’t get along in normal everyday life. Claire the princess played by Molly Ringwald, Andrew the athlete played by Emilio Estevaz, Allison the basket case played by Ally Sheedy, Brian the brain played by Anthony Micheal Hall, and John or Bender the criminal played by Judd Nelson. They are all in detention for reasons that are not made known until the end of the movie when they all form their little cry pit of shame and despair. Overall they all played their parts well. Making the characters feel real.

In my opinion this film can be a hit or miss depending on the audiences. To me it was one of those films that i would be fine with watching just once, and it would feel overwhelming to watch it more than that.

Was written and directed by John Hughes, who is also known for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and countless other films.

Three parts that stood out to me more or less mostly revolved around the character Bender. Two of which were about his perverse nature. In the beginning of their detention, Bender “jokingly” suggests that they impregnate Claire. Then later in the movie when  he escapes from the teachers closet he hides under the desk and when he sees the opening between Claire’s legs he sticks his head in between them. There are multiple times where he sexually harasses her, and to the audience this is seen as comedy. This is one large fault I have with this movie, besides the obvious forced romance at the end. No one in real life kisses after only meeting each other 8 hours prior. But that’s besides the point. I feel that this will set a bad example for younger boys who saw and will see this movie, as the will see the scenes with Bender and think that if they are sexually offensive and perverse, A it will be ok and B they will think that acting like this will help them get the girl. It’s hard to look over these details

To be honest after the HUGE influx of popularity after Pitch Perfect, it made me not interested. It became a movie swallowed by modern media and turned into another vintage item for teenage girls amusement. Too many girls I knew constantly talked about this film that I am sure they didn’t like due to the “meaning” that it had in it, where five different people are actually not so different. They only liked it because it was mentioned in the movie that everyone watched. So to be completely honest. The movie isn’t bad, but It’s not a movie that I will want to see again. Once was enough for me.