Alien Covenant. What a ride of the movie. I saw it earlier this week and thought this would be a good movie for my Final Review to be in my High School Career. So warning to readers who didn’t watch this film.


The plot is somewhat similar to Prometheus. A group of unknowing people are making their way deep into space right into the grasp of the deadly Xenomorph. Yet this time it is a small crew with 2000+ passengers on their way to a planet sustainable enough for them to colonize and begin anew. But after a solar flare or something,  The ship is damaged and crew awoken from sleep. Their captain, James Franco, dies in his sleep chamber, being burned alive and his wife Daniels, Katherine Waterston, is left to grieve while the newly promoted captain of the ship makes bad decisions left and right on account of his religion or something. They repair a ship and Danny McBride’s character, Tennessee, receives a strange transmission through his helmet, that when processed the the tune “country road.” When finding the source they discover a habitable planet just within their reach. A few weeks compared to their destination that is 7 years away. The new Captain decided to take them out of their route to go to this suddenly perfect for them planet, which Daniels shows many signs of disagreement. Because she is the only sane one on the group. They get to the planet and send more than half of the crew down on an expedition. Of course people immediately die inhaling black particles and birthing beta Xenomorphs out of their back and horror ensues.

I loved the movie a lot more than I liked Prometheus. Covenant felt like an actual prequel and connection between the Prometheus and Alien universe. There are also major character/actor deaths and I appreciate the hell out of that. Bye Bye James Franco, it was good seeing your face for those 5 seconds before you burned alive. 10/10 would watch again. But poor Daniels. Protect this angel. Let her build her cabin!

If you love Sci-fi and horror mixed together, this is the perfect movie to watch. It has a good blood to creep factor that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But of course children shouldn’t watch this film, unless they want Alien induced nightmares for their foreseeable life. But their are two Michael Fassbender’s, so hey, thats a plus.

This is massive spoilers but I love the twist at the end when David is the creator of the Xenomorphs. I also loved showed it showed their evolution from prometheus alien to full fledged Alien original film alien.

The only thing I would change would be to make it less predictable at the end. I can’t think of anyway to change that honestly, but for me, during the climax of the film, it was very, very easy to predict what would happen correctly. I guess they should have strived for a less obvious ending.

But again 10/10 would watch again but as a final rating i would have to give is a 9/10 only because it became SO predictable at the end.