This past Monday I went and saw the new Wonder Woman movie, I got into the theater at 6:30 and left at 9:30. This was the best movie I have seen all year, this is the best DCU movie so far, I loved it. From start to end I was enthralled by the movie all the way through.

The movie follows Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta or Diana Prince while she is among humans. When the movie starts she is on an the island of Themyscira as a child who wishes to be a warrior justlike everyone else, but being the only child on the island her mother, Queen Hippolyta, does not want her to fight for some unknown reason. Hippolyta’s sister Antiope see’s that Diana needs training and trains her in secret, this goes on for a few years until Hippolyta finds out about he secret training.Hippolyta is eventually convinced to train Diana, and Diana trains into her adulthood. This all changes when a German plane comes flying through the protective bubble around Themyscira and crashes into the water. Diana see’s this happen and dives into the water to save the pilot, she drags him to the shore and is amazed to see that he is a man. She isn’t able to say much to him because a force of German boats comes through the bubble and an epic battle ensues. This is where the recap of the movie stops because it’s 3 hours long and you need to go see it ASAP.

Gal Godot played Wonder Woman and was amazing, she had a perfect performance that I could’ve watched over and over again. She never slipped and was extremely convincing as a person who had never been among men or human society. Godot was versatile in her role, she could easily go from happy to furious to sad within the same scene, she never tripped up during the movie.

Chris Pine played Captain Steve Trevor, the British spy who crashed off the shore of Themyscira. Pine also had a flawless performance and perfectly portrayed his role. He was never unconvincing throughout the film, he almost felt like a WW1 era Captain Kirk.Image result for steve trevor chris pine'

The movie was directed by Patty Jenkins, who just broke the record for most biggest opening of a movie by a female director. Jenkins did a fantastic job making Wonder Woman the film it is, she fought for scenes that Warner Bros. would have kept out, that scene she fought to keep in was the single most bad-ass scene in the movie. Wonder Woman fights her way through no-mans land to liberate a town from German occupation, that scene is freaking awesome.Image result for wonder woman in no man's land

I highly recommend Wonder Woman to everyone, it is a movie that is so totally awesome that you can’t helJL_Wonder_Woman.jpgp but be excited as you leave the theater. The movie is a little lengthy, but it is so worth watching that I’ve already seen it twice and I’m seeing it again soon. I loved it so much I couldn’t find anything wrong with the movie, the only thing that bothered me somewhat was that the German characters didn’t always speak German, but I am okay with that as it is an American movie. I would give Wonder Woman a solid 10/10 and it is now my favorite movie to be released this year. There is only 1 movie I am expecting to upstage this, and that is Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The only thing in my mind that can beat the excellence that was Wonder Woman is a Star Wars film, that is the highest praise I can give the movie as a whole.