Riverdale is about a small town which is usually a peaceful town, they ended up having a murder happen on one of the most popular guys in Riverdale Highschool. In the beggining of the tv show it’s all about the beggining of the school year, the students coming together and the mysteries revealing.

The quiet little town of Riverdale is turned upside down after it is struck with the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, a popular high school student and member of the most powerful family in town. Archie and his friends explore the struggles of everyday life in a small town while taking on the haunting case of Jason Blossom. But in order to solve this mystery, the rag tag group of friends must first unlock the secrets that lie buried deep beneath the surface of their hometown. Riverdale may not be as innocent as it appears.

Riverdale has quickly become the new It show on The CW. With all the mystery, drama, and hot eye candy, what’s not to love? Perhaps the reason we can’t get enough of the series is because it reminds us of some of our other favorite TV shows. That love triangle between Betty, Veronica, and Archie? Totally Gossip Girl. The continuous question about who really killed Jason? So much like Twin Peaks. Not to mention The subtle retro vibe reminds us of stranger things. See which other popular series Riverdale has similarities to.

Riverdale wrapped up its sometimes messy freshman season Thursday with some bewildering choices that shifted from the core strengths of the show. There’s a way to give the show more “pep” in Season 2, but before we get to that, a little recap.

After Solving Blosoms murder in the penituate episode. the show used the finale to focus on the fallout from the realization that this previously sleepy town is on the edge of something dark; while simultaneously blowing up the core characters’ lives in order to send them in new directions during the already-ordered second season.

This tv show is one of my favorite because the main character ‘girl next door’ is me. I have soo many similarities to the main character.

I would give this tv show a rating of 4.8 out 5.

Here is the trailer below: